Roasted Potato Salad


4 Large Russet Potatoes (or Yukon Gold if you prefer). Wash and cube.

1T Salt

1T Pepper

1T Rosemary (finely chopped)

4 Cloves Peeled Garlic (add more if your like me and love roasted garlic)

4 Shallots Peeled and quartered


Cooking Method One (Easy)

Take all ingredients toss with Olive Oil (nicely coated) and roast in 425 degree oven for Approx. 40-45 Minutes (cooking time varies based on oven)


Cook until fork tender


Cooking Method #2 Extra Crispy (More Difficult)

Same Ingredients and preparation as above

Par boil Potatoes in salted water (Keep in water for @2 minutes once water comes to a boil)

Remove let drain for approx. 15 minutes

When dry sprinkle lightly with flour and salt shake in colander

Coat in Melted Butter (or some rendered fat like, Bacon Fat, Duck, etc.) or Olive Oil if you prefer – Tossing in hot pan

Place on baking sheet and Roast on HIGH heat 500 Degrees until crispy brown @ 15 minutes flip and repeat.


Method 1 and 2 - Stop here if you just want to enjoy awesome Roasted Potatoes


Continue for a great potato Salad!


Let potatoes Cool

Toss with your preferred amount of Mayo (Suggestion: Start with @ 1/2C mayo mix with Vinegar and Mustard and taste, before adding more mayo)

Add 1t Balsamic Vinegar

¼ t Dijon Mustard

Re-season to taste (with Salt, pepper and rosemary)

*Optional (Sprinkle with Chives and Chopped Parsley on top)

*Optional (If you want to take this up a notch mix in some crispy bacon!)




1.     Keep safe food handling instruction in mind especially with mayo based foods, foods should not be in temperature danger zone (41-140) longer than 2 hours. On hot summer days that time drops to about 1 hour!

2.     So keep food chilled as long as possible and put on ice if possible.

3.     Consider serving in smaller batches and replenishing throughout the party. But it is important here to wash out the old serving dish or use a brand new one! No cross-contamination please :-)


Be Safe and Enjoy the Summer Picnics