Asian Cabbage Salad

With the official start of summer only a few days away this recipe seemed like a good start to the food blog. As a healthy, light and refreshing salad, this recipe is a great side dish or topped with grilled chicken it makes for a perfect summer meal. 


Cabbage 1 head finely chopped (or @3 bags precut)

Shredded carrots ¼ small bag precut OR 2 carrots shredded

Scallions 1 bunch chopped

Cilantro ½ bunch chopped

Sliced almonds toasted 1/3 cup

Toasted sesame seeds 1T

*Purple Cabbage (for added color if desired)

           (Other Optional Items Grilled Chicken, Mandarin Oranges, Peanuts, Edamame, Fried Wantons, Ramen Noodles, be creative and enjoy)



4T sugar

Canola oil 3/4c

Rice wine vinegar 7T

Salt 1t

Pepper 1t


Whisk dressing together and pour over salad approx. 15 minutes before eating, mix well and enjoy!