The BEST Fettuccine Alfredo EVER!

All too often Fettuccine Alfredo is a horrible looking pile of pasta that vaguely resembles a fifth grade paper-mache project gone very very wrong! When eating fettuccine alfredo out you will either receive a steaming mess of overcooked pasta sitting in a flavorless puddle of cream juice, or you will encounter a pasty glop of spackle. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way, I am here it give you a better way to enjoy this dish, and when it is done right fettuccine Alfredo is an extraordinary taste-bud experience. And when you see how simple it is to do-it-yourself you will never play Fettuccine Alfredo roulette again. 


The BEST Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo Ever!

Servings: Approx. 4

1# Fettuccine 

2C Heavy Cream

4 Cloves Fresh Garlic (Rough Chop)

2 Shallots (Rough Chop)

¼ C Pecorino Romano Cheese

1C Dry White Wine (Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio) 

2T Butter

2 T Italian Parsley 

1 1/4t Salt 

1t Black Pepper

2T Olive Oil

4 Chicken Breasts Lightly pounded for even cooking (Salt, Pepper, Olive Oil) 


Chicken Prep: Pound, oil, season and grill

(A tasty alternative is to use blackening spice, coat chicken and sear in cast iron pan and finish in oven until cooked through)


Pasta Prep: Boil water with salt, add pasta, cook until al dente (@10 minutes) Drain and put aside


Sauce: Add Olive Oil to hot pan, sauté chopped garlic and shallots until lightly brown, add white wine and reduce for @ 1 minute (until half of the wine has been cooked off), add cream and salt and pepper, reduce @ 2-3 minutes add Pecorino and butter and simmer for another minute until desired thickness is reached. 

Toss pasta in sauce and top with chicken. 

(A note about reduction of sauce, keep an eye on sauce and stir regularly. Reduce sauce to your desired thickness, more time for thicker sauce)


A great way to get a little green in the dish is to add steamed broccoli or peas. 

Finish with rough chopped parsley and shaved Pecorino Romano and enjoy the best fettuccine alfredo you have ever had!

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