Feeding Your Inner Hipster

Whether the hipster trend is here to stay or not only time will tell. Also, whether you associate yourself with said trend or not is up to you. That being said you may be pro-hipster or you may feel that all hipsters should be banished to their own island where they are forced to live without cuffed skinny jeans, cold-brew coffee, and Pabst Blue Ribbon. But wherever you fall on the hipster love/hate scale, there is no need to throw the hipster out with the bath water, or in their case, there is no need to throw the hipster out with the Kombucha.


Now don’t take my subtle (or not so subtle) Hipster jabs as hipster hatred, not at all. Although I am not a hipster, nor do I plan on becoming one, I think there are many cool, oh wait… I am dating myself because cool is so 80’s, let me hipsterize that… there are many ‘deck’ food contributions that the hipsters bring to the table. (Yes, that was a food pun, get used to them there are more coming).


Hipsters love food and therefore they take their noshes very seriously. They like artisanal offerings and local produce, they seek out hand crafted and organic foods, simply put they are locavorists (ok maybe that was not so simply put). Sure, they may be a little snobbish if you don’t feel the same way about their food ethics, but we still love you hipsters.  


So, what are some of the trendy hipster obsessions that are worth taking note of…


Food Trucks – These portable gems were once called roach coaches or gut trucks. But, with the hipster’s social media power, they have re-fueled (see what I did there) these trucks popularity. Now, whether you want Kimchi Tacos or Kogi BBQ, these mobile meals or worth checking out when they come to your area.


Pickles – Who knew the pickle needed a makeover? Gone are the days of only having sweet or dill pickles on the shelf, now the pickle comes in flavors like habanero horseradish dill and moonshine, (both of which are actually pretty tasty), but call me old fashion, I still gravitate towards a traditional pickle.


Kale – This leafy cabbage, is a cross between lettuce, spinach and cabbage and it is everywhere! It’s on every salad menu, it at every juice bar (another hipster fav) and it is in almost every smoothie! There are kale chips, and kale has even tainted our beloved ice cream, I'm good with kale in a salad or in a smoothie (if I really drank smoothies) but in my ice cream, "Ok,easy does it hipsters you are pushing it with kale ice cream.


The Gourmet Burger – Ok Hipsters, now were friends again. I love a good burger and some of the specialty hipster inspired burgers out there are simply delicious. Granted not everybody wants caramelized onions and pork belly on their hamburger, but there are some tasty combinations worth trying. Whether you want to keep your experimentation simple and only add some garlic aioli to your next burger or maybe you are all in and will go full boar with a custom blend of ground prime rib, brisket, skirt steak and tenderloin, topped with Nueske’s bacon and Cowgirl Creamery’s triple-cream Mt. Tam cheese. Either way, branch out and try some unusual burgers, you may even like it.


Vegan – Now if you are not one of the meat loving Hipsters, like above, then you likely are one of the growing Hipster Vegans. Perhaps this has become so popular with many hipsters because it goes against the mainstream, another hipster value. Now, I have tried a few vegan restaurants and I’ll be honest, i wouldn't go their often but places like Veggie Grill are worth trying once in a while, especially if your in the mood for "chicken", tempeh or a Quinoa burger.

Kombucha – Although not really my cup of tea (see there’s one of those food puns again, sorry I can’t help myself) this fizzy fermented bacterial concoction does come with some heath benefits and if you like fizzy tea there are a few flavors, like Chai and blood orange, even I can drink once in a while. 


Gourmet Donuts – FINALLY! By far this is my favorite hipster contribution. From Huckleberry to maple bacon, from banana’s foster to a poached egg and cheese donut these things are killer! I will admit I don’t really enjoy paying $3.50 or more for a single donut, but if you are willing to part with a few bucks there are some amazing donuts out there to try, and for that I say… “Thank you hipsters.” 


So where does all this hipster food talk leave us? Well, you don’t have to wear a man bun and sport some Zappa facial hair, and if your a girl you don’t have to wear fake glasses and don a jeans skirts and oxford shoes to enjoy some of these Hipster favorites.


My recommendation, live a little, take a few food risks, eat outside your comfort zone every once and a while and unashamedly feed your inner hipster!