Welcome to Beyond the Gang Prison Ministry

As Christians we believe that Jesus offers hope and healing to everyone even the most broken and desperate of people. Through Beyond the Gang Prison Ministries we want to give people new hope and purpose through Christ. Those who once broke the law can be transformed and end the cycle of crime through spiritual renewal.

What if you could lend a rehabilitative hand to those who need help and hope? Through Beyond the Gang Prison Ministry, you can!

There are fewer places darker than a prison cell. Separated from the outside world men and women struggle with feelings of despair and hopelessness. As they seek for meaning and purpose for their lives, you can let them know that someone on the outside cares about them and wants to help.

To shine the light of Christ in the darkness of a prison cell, won’t you consider buying a copy of Beyond the Gang to give to an inmate. Young and old, male and female inmates will benefit from your generous gift.

Launching Easter 2019