Fresh Fish Taco's


One of my favorite foods is a Fish Taco. Having tried many different versions, I have come up with my take on the this west coast classic. There is one simple key to making a killer Fish Taco, FRESH is BEST. Keep it simple and keep it fresh and you can't go wrong. 

I recommend Mahi Mahi or some other meaty fish (you can also use Albacore, Ono, Swordfish etc.)

Fresh Tortillas are important here too, so find a local Mexican restaurant near you that makes tortillas daily (or make them yourself if your up to it). If this is not an option I have found that Trader Joe's has a handmade corn tortilla that is a good second choice. 

 Slice Fish of choice into 1" x 3" rectangles season with salt, pepper (if you have a Cajun spice blend or Blackening Spice that goes great here too)

Next, a freshly made simple salsa is important.

(No Quantities given here, make it to your personal taste, some people like more garlic, some like less, some want more heat, some want less etc.) All that is important here is add ingredients slowly building the flavor profile to taste. 

Basic Fresh Salsa: Tomato, Garlic, Red Onion, Lime Juice, Olive Oil, Cilantro, Jalapeno, Salt Pepper.

Grill Fish

Heat Tortillas over flame, adding tablespoon of shredded Jack Cheddar cheese mix (Having slightly melted cheese makes this taco much better, in my opinion.)

Top with Shredded Cabbage, Fresh Salsa, finish with a squeeze of lime, and you have a healthy (not fried) fish taco that is on par with anything you can buy in a restaurant.

You can mix this recipe up a little by making a corn salsa or mango salsa. If you like those Baja spreads you can make a quick version with Mayo, Chipotles, lemon juice, and Garlic (blend together and you are good to go).