Elegant Simplicity for Valentine's Day

Elegant Simplicity


Valentines Day is a busy day in the restaurant biz, and one that often forces many restaurants to streamline their menu offerings to a preset list of options with only a few variants, and even though the whole “night out” is a great idea, you and your special someone might want to avoid the crowd and enjoy a cozy candlelight dinner away from the hustle and bustle of this Hallmark Holiday. Keeping in mind that spending all day in the kitchen might kill that loving feeling, here is an easy and elegant option for a divine dinner for two.


Seared & Roasted Halibut w/ Roasted Tomatoes

Start with: 

2 Fresh Halibut Filets

(You will hear me say time and time again fresh is the easiest way to ensure great tasting food, so if you cant find fresh Halibut you can substitute Cod, or another fresh fish of choice)

1 small carton cherry tomatoes

4T Olive Oil

Sea Salt

Fresh Pepper

Fresh Thyme 1 bunch

1 lg Garlic clove

1/4 C White wine

1T Butter


This simple dish doesn’t require much work, making it perfect for your romantic dinner.


To Begin: Preheat oven to 375°


Lightly brush fish with Olive Oil, sprinkle fish with sea salt and fresh pepper while heating sauce pan.Once pan is hot, sear one side of fish in hot pan over medium high heat with olive oil until browning is evident (approx. 7-8 minutes, don’t try and turn the fish over too soon or you will miss out on this nice brown crust)


Transfer to sheet pan and finish in the 350 ° oven, approx. 10 minutes.  


Now, add your sliced tomatoes to the already hot sauté pan, cut side down. Sprinkle with salt and fresh ground pepper and 1/4t fresh thyme. Cook this way for 1-2 minutes then add 1 clove fresh peeled garlic (sliced). Lightly brown garlic then add 1/4C white wine (substitute chicken broth if desired), reduce and finish with 1T butter. 


You can add fresh asparagus tossed with olive oil salt and pepper to the oven with the fish for an added veggie or steam a side a jasmine brown rice.

Pick up a few chocolate covered strawberries for dessert and VIOLA, simple, elegant dinner for two without the crowds.



(Picture taken from Foudefoodmtl.com)