Crazy Good Cheese Steak!

Rocky Balboa may be Philadelphia's most celebrated fighter, but this city's greatest fight is between two South Philly cheese-steak eateries : Pat's and Geno's.

Lots of places have signature foods: Chicago has deep-dish pizza, New England has clam chowder, Buffalo, N.Y., has hot wings, Maryland has crab cakes and New Orleans has gumbo.

But in Philadelphia, the cheese steak reigns supreme! This finger-licking good iconic obsession isn't hard to replicate with a few simple ingredients and the right preparation your home made creation could make your sandwich a contender.


Fresh Hoagie Roll

Thin Sliced Frozen Ribeye 

Cheese (2 options Canned Cheddar Cheese Sauce, or Fresh Slice White American) 

1/2 White Onion

1 T Butter 

1/2 t salt

1 t Sugar

Pinch of salt and pepper


Spread butter on both sides of your Hoagie roll and brown on griddle or pan. Take off the heat when brown and keep handy.

Add you onion and carmelize. When the onion becomes translucent add salt and sugar cook until brown. Put aside.

Take your frozen sliced ribeye (use fresh if you can't find frozen and ask your butcher to throw it on a deli slicer for you, unless you actually have one of your own)  and cook it on a griddle with just a dash of canola oil. While cooking use your spatula to break apart the meat as it cooks and add your pinch of salt and pepper. Cook both sides for approx 2-3 minutes. 

Place the ribeye on your tasted roll, add your cheese top with your onions, let sit for a minute to melt cheese and dig in!

For an added layer of depth brush horseradish cream sauce to the roll before layering. 

This thing is delicious and what you save on airfare to fly to Philly you can make about 50 of these sandwiches.